We were all very disappointed with Arbutus. It is true what people are saying - that since all the good chefs / head chef all left and went and opened up Picture restaurant down the road, since then the quality of Arbutus has dropped considerably.


One of our guests had pork cheek but she discovered an elastic band in the dish. And when she sent it back the Head waiter tried to fob us off saying that it was actually part of the pigs head!!! Now eight adults in our mid 40's, all saw that it was an elastic band, yet we had to argue with the head waiter maitre d' for them to take the meal off the bill, even though it wasn't eaten and sent back to the kitchen. Quite an insult without any apology. And to top it off when we went to get our coats from the cloakroom we saw the exact same elastic bands attaching their labels to the coats !!


We will NEVER go back again !!


And checking their website we have now seen that they have actually closed down !!


But their sister restaurant is Wild Honey is open so be aware !!



63-64 Frith St,