"Tricks of the Restaurant Trade" - Channel 4 - TV Programme

We were kindly invited to appear on this TV programme for Channel 4, Tricks of the Restaurant Trade, to give our opinions on the Japanese food Sushi - how could we refuse!!

The premise of the programme was whether the British people think that Sushi is a healthy option for us to eat and the differences between the Japanese eating sushi and the British eating sushi.

The Japanese eat smaller portions and use rice and soy sauce sparingly compared to British. And they tend not to go for avocados & mayo, as these types of sushi such as the California Roll was actually invented in the USA!. To be an authentic sushi chef, a chef will train for 7 years in Japan before becoming qualified as a sushi chef. But unfortunately most of the Japanese restaurants in the UK do not have authentic chefs.

Now to the Health Part !! Or not so healthy part as the case maybe!!

Amanda Ursula a nutritionist was interviewed. She explained that firstly most of the rice has had a sugar solution added to it. And here are the statistics that may shock you.

1. In a Pret A Manager Salmon/Prawn/Crab Box set there are 10.8 grams of sugar the equivalent to eating 2 Jammie Dodger biscuits.

2. In an Itsu's Health and Happiness Box set there are 579 calories and 24 grams of fat, so there are more calories in it than a MacDonalds Big Mac and a similar amount of fat !

3. In Wasabi's Hana Box set there are 132 grams of carbohydrates which is the equivalent to 7.5 slices of bread !!

But this is not the worse part ....

The Soy Sauce is where alarm bells start to ring. 1 serving of soy sauce contains 0.9-2.25 grams of salt, part of your 6 grams of salt recommended  per day. The Japanese will eat 1 serving between about a family of 5. But in our test against how much soy the Japanese use compared to the British

The Japanese only used 15 millilitres of soy for 4 people

Whereas the Europeans used a staggering 45 millilitres of soy for 4 people !!!


The programme was Series 2 Episode 2 and here is a link to the Channel 4 Catch Up Video http://www.channel4.com/programmes/tricks-of-the-restaurant-trade/episode-guide/series-2

The Programme was filmed in the very authentic and highly respected

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