Eat and Drink Festival 2017 at Olympia

Get down to the Eat and Drink Festival at Olympia this weekend. It has been tagged on to the Ideal Home Exhibition so it is a double whammy. We got two tickets for £15 through Groupon, which also gave us 'FREE' entrance to the Ideal Home Exhibition !!! It is a relatively small festival but it has some great new food vendors with lots of interesting new foodie ideas. See some of the pictures below.

We believe that the Ideal Home Show used to have a Wine Festival tagged onto it but considering this great Foodie Revolultion happening in the UK we imagine that they have decided to get with the times! As you can see from the photos there were great Balsamic and Olive Oil stalls, their best flavour was the Lemon Olive Oil from Yorkshire Drizzel. Lots of tasty Turkish Delight and a good display of stuffed olives from Med Foods. Some rather delicious Rhubarb and Rose Gin and also Elderflower Gin from Rose Cottage. Very tiny and cute little mini waffles. Several interesting Sausage stalls with great combos of flavours. Mouth watering Forever Fudge flavours of Strawberry Cheesecake, Snickers, Baileys and even Jagermeister Fudge !! Lord & Lady Muck Gins are very tasty and their display is fabulous and would be great as gifts. Irish Whiskey and Stem Ginger Cheese from Black Cheeses are always a favourite. And some very unique Chocolate Greetings Cards, alongside about 3 stalls selling Toffee Vodka, a great way to spend an afternoon.