This newly opened Italian restaurant was recommended to us by a couple of experienced foodies. At the time they were accompanied by an Italian man who remarked that the dishes were so authentic. So even though Margot is not a Michelin Star restaurant we decided to book, especially as the owners both worked at Scotts restaurant.


The restaurant has good décor and sadly that is probably its best feature. We have decided that this restaurant is a hit or miss restaurant on the night. Judging on past reviews, you can be incredibly lucky and have a fantastic meal or like on the night we went, have a very average meal indeed.


For the 40 some-things the menu is quite difficult to read in the dim light !! And we have to apologise for the poor quality of our photos due to the fact that we were told that we were not allowed to use our camera flash, even though we were seated in a pretty enclosed booth, so the flash would not affect any other tables. And then we were told we couldn't take photos at all. Also being a group of individuals we asked if the restaurant would split the food bill to the individual diners but they said they weren't able to.

For starters we had the following dishes:

Venison Ragu Pasta which was on the Specials menu – remarks it was OK but not fantastic and the meat was a bit too lumpy

Gnocchi – remarks it was nice but needed a bit more depth of flavour, it was very one dimensional, the tomato sauce was nice.

Roast Pumpkin Soup – remarks it was nice and you could taste the pumpkin

Beef Carpaccio with Truffle – remarks it was a very forgettable dish, and the truffle flavour was far too strong for the beef.

Burrata Puglia – remarks the variety of Heritage tomatoes were nice, but the basil pesto did not go with the dish, and the Burrata was very average, we have had a lot nicer Burratas.

For Mains we had the following dishes:

Seared fillet of Cod with squid ink pearl barley and herb salad – remarks this was very nice

Mushroom Risotto – remarks the texture was very gritty
Almond Crusted Seared fillet of Tuna – remarks this had to be sent back because it wasn't cooked enough, and even when we got it back it still was not cooked to medium as we asked, it was still far too rare.

Roast Saddle of Venison with savoy cabbage – remarks it looked nice and tasted nice

Pasta spirals with Black Truffle – remarks probably the worst one we have ever had. The truffles were completely flavourless and it was quite a small portion for a main dish

For Dessert we had the following dishes:

Tiramisu – Just don’t bother, it really is not a good nor authentic tiramisu

Dark Chocolate and Lavender Mousse with raspberries – was nice

Rum baba – it had absolutely no rum in it ! But it still tasted nice


The food really was very average and we wouldn't go back again. So all in all we would mark this a 4/10

Margot Italian Restaurant

45 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AA

Tel: 020 3409 4777