Two words – Don't Go !!


Set in Heddon street, which is a great pedestrianized, quaint cobbled mews, running to the back of Regent Street. Heddon Street always has great restaurants and bars in this street, and has a fun 'al fresco' style of dining, where the atmosphere is great in the summer as everyone sits outside and revels in the jovialities.


We booked a table for 12 diners, but they only had one poor waitress that was serving all of us and also serving all the other tables in the upstairs of the restaurant. She was literally run off her feet. We went there on a special set menu, so the options of main course were limited. Most of us chose the hanger steak. The flavour of the sauce was quite nice but the steak was so tough and chewy that we couldn't even swallow it. And we all sent it back to the kitchen for being inedible.


As hard as she tried, the waitress clearly could not cope with a full restaurant by herself, so as you can imagine the service was pretty poor.


All 12 of us diners, left the restaurant extremely disappointed and vowed that we would never go back. We give the restaurant a 2/10 score !! Come on Gordon you can do better than this !!!

Heddon Street Kitchen

3-9 Heddon Street,

Tel: 020 7592 1212

Website: https://www.gordonramsayrestaurants.com/heddon-street-kitchen/

Email: groupsandevents@gordonramsay.com