Monica Galetti's - Mere

The former Master Chef Professional judge Monica Galetti and right hand woman to Michel Roux Jr (who really needs no introduction!), has finally decided to go solo and open her own restaurant, which is a blessing for all London foodies. Just a few doors down from Michelin Star James Knappett's Kitchen Table, this has made this end of Charlotte Street the 'go to' place in Fitzrovia.


We were lucky enough to secure a table for her soft launch, where she was extremely charming in welcoming all her guests personally.


It is very apparent that her sommelier husband David Galetti has had great influence over the wine list, which offers a superb range of interesting wines.


Guests are firstly seated in the cosy bar which is at street level, which builds the anticipation, before being led down to a very bright and modern basement level restaurant. Which has a uniquely designed exterior retaining wall made from champagne and wine crates.


Head Chef Renée Miller offers a fabulous seasonal menu. We went for the 6 Course Tasting Menu.

Celeriac and Hazelnut - Pickled Celeriac, Celery, Black Radish, Apple, Hazelnut Dressing
Cod - Steamed skrei Cod - Jerusalem Artichoke, Monks Beard, Seaweed Emulsion

Pork Boil Up - Ham Hock, Watercress Doughboy, Sweet Potato, Horseradish, Spiced Broth - we swapped this course for the:

Mushroom and Marmite - Tortellini, Wild Mushroom, Marmite butter

Beef - 30 Day Aged Sirloin, Glazed Cheek, Sweet Onion Beignet, Tarragon Creme Fraiche

Cheese - Pounder Cheese, Red pepper Jame, Seeded Cracker

Blood Orange - Mousse, Yoghurt Sorbet and Meringue, Ruby Red Grapefruit

Each of our guests had different favourites from the menu. However we all agreed that the Blood Orange dessert was without doubt one of our best desserts, packed with such unique flavours and textures but still very light, which was welcomed after our 6 courses.


For myself the Tortellini dish with Marmite was my favourite course. Not being a pasta lover I was actually delighted to be served such a light and flavoursome pasta, which was such a far reach away from the horrible gloocky, starchy pasta that is usually on offer. So much so that I am now a pasta convert!


Other diners preferred the beautiful beef course, which was cooked to perfection.

We promised Monica that we would not put up the foodie photos until the restaurant has officially opened on March 6th 2017


We give this a 9/10.

Monica Galetti's new restaurant Mere on Charlotte Street


74 Charlotte Street