Evening Standard's - Night Market in Kensington 2017

Well we were lucky enough that the rainy weather conditions that we've been having all week, decided to give us a break and turned into a lovely sunny summers day. We went during the daytime session on Sunday 11.6.17. They had two sessions from either 11am to 4pm and then from 5pm to 10pm.

We headed straight for the Angela Hartnett Kitchen to try her grilled lamb chops. But sadly we were disappointed with this lamb chop and its aubergine accompaniment. It was like we had been invited to Angela's BBQ, but someone else had cooked the food. Luckily we had recently visited her restaurant Murano and were very impressed by her cooking. But this marquee pop-up was not a good reflection of her food. So do not let this put you off going to Murano restaurant.

Next we headed to the Raclette stand. Even though this is a beautiful cheese, unfortunately they way it was served, it really was not impressive. The small potatoes they put it over were not cooked well, so not a great dish. But a lovely cheese.

There were a few interesting food stands. One from the Seychelles selling Curry Goat and Octopus Curry.

There was also a stand from Ghana selling interesting dips from Ghana.

Another stand was selling unusual Wood Pidgeon Kebab"! - With a side dish of Game chips !!

There was a Truffle Burger stand.

A Guacamole stand, however the portion of guacamole was tiny.

And more mainstream stands serving Wood Fired Pizza

Patty & Bun was on offer too.

A Grilled Cheese Truck serving Grilled Cheese toasties at a wapping £7 - however they were very tasty and worth it.

Cinnamon Bazaar was serving their dishes, but they were quite dry and needed lots more yoghurt.

All in all this was a poor mans Taste Festival which is about 5 times the size of this Night Market,  but with a lot better stands on offer and many many more famous Michelin star restaurants. So seeing as both Foodie events were happening in the same week, we would definitely give the Night Market a miss and head straight to Taste of London in Regents Park

Evening Standard's - Portobello & Golbourne Foodie Market 2017

Earlier the same day we had visited the Evening Standard's London Food Month - Portobello & Golbourne Foodie Market. Although we didn't stay long, we felt that the food on offer here was far more interesting and appealing than at the Night Market in Kensington.

Saving room in our tummy's we didn't each much at this market, but soon regretted this! The food on offer here at Portobello & Golbourne market was a lot more interesting and half the price. And we didn't have to pay £15 entrance fee!

We were told this food market is on every Saturday but please check this out in case this is wrong information.

This food market is also surrounded by Portobello's Antique market and Clothing market. So well worth a visit.