This restaurant was visited before we started doing the food blog so it won't be an in depth review, but just a general view of the restaurant.

Club Gascon is one of our favourite French restaurants in London. It feels like it has been around forever. It was opened in 1998 and it has had its Michelin Star since 2002. And with their quality of food they really deserve it.

The first thing you notice in the restaurant is their grey stone display dining plates, as in the picture, they are stunning works of art that they have specially designed abroad.

As you can see from their photos, the food is artistically designed, with the flavours to match. The food is very creative and imaginative, and we would definitely recommend this restaurant.

We have been to this restaurant quite a few times, and not one of our guests have ever had a complaint, everyone has always loved their meals. The head chef Pascal Aussignac really is one of the top chefs in London in our opinion. If you are limited to a certain few Michelin star restaurants that you can visit, then this should be one of the ones you do visit.

Bookatable currently has an offer for a 5 course tasting menu for £68 per person which is a pretty good deal.


Club Gascon, 57 West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9DS
Tel: 020 7600 6144