When this American steak restaurant first opened we all rushed there and it became our favourite steak place in London, and Wolfgang Puck became our hero! And every time we felt like spoiling ourselves we would book a table in this beautiful Park Lane restaurant.


But sadly over time the quality has dropped tremendously. On one occasion we visited there with some friends, and we chose one of their special rib eye steaks, that cost about £95 ! which we had had many times before. The waiters had shown us the meat board, with all their selections of steaks, and we chose our favourite rib eye. However what was served to us for dinner was an entirely different steak and a much cheaper one too. If we had not been regulars we might not have realised that this steak didn’t even slightly resemble the expensive rib eye that we had ordered. They had completely tried to palm us off with a much cheaper steak but still charge us the enormous £95 price!!


But sadly the final straw was when we went with a group of about 8 guests and half of us had to send our meals back to the kitchen. The steaks were so bad, incredibly fatty, very chewy and really not very nice tasting, and again on one dish they had served the wrong steak, and one of our guests had burnt food. Feeling really embarrassed by taking a group of friends to this expensive restaurant where they had such a poor meal, we have never been back since. Come over to London Wolfgang and sort this out as we know you can do much better !!!


Going on our last two disastrous occasions we give this restaurant a poor 3/10


Cut Restaurant at 45 Park Lane

45 Park Lane,





Tel: 0207 493 4545