We just had to tell you about this great new trendy, restaurant by Spanish chef David Muñoz - StreetXO.

This is a crazy and cool place designed with an 'underground' feel and set to shock with a wacky entertaining theatrical theme. The food is extremely 'interesting', for example in the picture to your left is 'Crunchy Pigs Ears in Strawberry Hoisin'.  It looks like something out of a Hammer House of Horror film crossed with a Jackson Pollock painting! And actually it was very tasty!!

All the waiters are dressed in straight jackets. And in the picture to your right one of the waiters is dressed up in a crazy chicken head, we are not sure  what the correlation to the restaurant is if any!.

The cocktails are amazing. Mine was served in a huge Heart shaped jug complete with ventricles.

Or try the violet cocktail, which is served in a bowl as big as a goldfish bowl, it will last you all evening!!

Being Spanish based the menu is slightly limiting as it is mainly based around pig and seafood. However after the 2nd week of opening they did add some extra dishes to vary the menu. But for some strange reason have not added any desserts to the menu !!


We started by ordering Zucchini flower salad with green olives emulsion, oranges, poppy seeds and spicy chlorophyll acidulated oil. It was the only dish that I wouldnt order again. Not that there was anything wrong with it but we just didnt find it as interesting as the other dishes.

Slow Roasted Milk Fed Baby Lamb Shank with tamandarin and Thai basil jus, was definitely our favourite. It was the smallest Lamb Shank we have ever seen but very delicate and tender.

The Tandoori Chicken Wings with pickle red onion, trout caviar, katsuobushi and "chicken souffle" were again very delicious.

Korean Lasagne XO Style - Aged Galician beef, shitake, Gochujang Hot n Sour tomato suace and cardamom bechamel. This was definitely our second favourite dish, very rich and flavoursome.

The food was great and interesting,  and the restaurant was very quirky. We marked it a good 7.5 to 8/10. And well worth a visit for this crazy experience. But word of warning the music is quite loud.


Address: 15 Old Burlington St, Mayfair, London W1S

Tel: 020 3096 7555