We visited this restaurant on the 13th October 2016. Although this is not a Michelin Star restaurant we decided to check it out, being as it is one of London's latest "IN" restaurants. However we will just do a very brief review, as sadly we really were not impressed. We were actually looking forward to trying something a little unusual with this Hawaiian themed food. But it seemed liked the food had been prepared in the Dead Sea, as this can be the only place where you could find that much salt! We actually had to send 3 dishes back to the kitchen, the Kale with garlic butter, the Grilled Asparagus and the Cajun Style Blackened Sea-bass with pineapple salsa were inedible and I usually like salt in my food! We had previously heard good reviews about this restaurant, so we don’t think this can be the norm, so all we can imagine is that the chef must have had a cold that day and just couldn’t taste the salt level!

Their saving grace was their Pokes - which in their description is - "A dish favoured by the locals of the Hawaiian islands, Poke traditionally consists of marinated chopped ahi tuna on a bed of seasoned short-grained rice." We tried both the Vegetable Poke with
sriracha citrus salsa and the Beef Tataki Poke with roasted sesame soy and they both very nice with unusual flavours, however we did find the seared beef slightly chewy. The Garlic Butter fries were a nice side dish.

It is a very popular restaurant at the moment, so they are very quick to throw you off your table! It was booked through OpenTable and there wasn’t any time limit stated in the booking, but before we had even had a chance to pay, they asked us for the table back, so we waited for the waitress to take our payment and whilst I still had my credit card in my hand, we were asked to leave again !

And the music was very loud, (or I am just getting old!!)

Tel 020 3794 8448
4 Mill Street London, W1S 2AX