In one of the finest hotels in London, the Dorchester in Park Lane, there are several restaurants run by 3 Michelin starred chef Alain Ducasse. However many of us have been to these restaurants and were greatly disappointed and completely bemused why he would even get 1 Michelin star let alone 3 Michelin stars!!


For mains we ordered a steak, which came served up as a giant slab of meat, which didn’t seem to be cooked with any finesse as opposed to just being thrown on the grill. We struggled to eat it and the side dishes were poor.


But the real shock was the triple chocolate soufflé. Being a Master Chocolatier you would think that the chocolate soufflé would be divine. But it was so bad that we actually left it! How wrong can you go with chocolate! It was a 3 layered soufflé and when you got to the lightest chocolate layer it was so tepid and flavourless that we couldn't even eat it !


For both of Alain Ducasse's restaurants we would give a poor 4/10 and say don’t waste your money, which is such a shame seeing as the Dorchester Hotel is such a lovely hotel.


The Grill at the Dorchester,

53 Park Lane,





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