KITCHEN W8, in Kensington

We hadn't heard any talk on the grapevine of Kitchen W8 but seeing as it had a Michelin star we decided to go. Not knowing what to expect we were more than pleasantly surprised, in fact we were Wowed !! Its not often we find a unique blend flavours, cooked to perfection. But with Kitchen W8 we found all 3 courses, starters, mains and desserts were superb.


We went there on a Bookatable set course, early bird offer for £28 for 3 courses (and a discretionary service charge). But when we first saw the set menu we were all a little disappointed, as there was nothing we would normally choose off a menu. See below:

Set Menu



Cured Mackerel, Smoked Eel, Cucumber, Dill and Borage


Caramelised Chicken Wings, White Asparagus, New Season's Peas, Hazelnut, Parmesan


Main Courses

Gilt head Sea Bream, Fregola Sarda, Squid and Monks Beard


Fillet of Pork, Spiky Artichoke, Aioli, Broad Beans and Lemon



Pont D'Yeu, Spiced Carrot Jam, Hazelnut Wafers


Yorkshire Rhubarb and Blood Orange Fool

The thought of chicken wings brings up thoughts of KFC, but how wrong were we, there was nothing to resemble KFC, and they were utterly superb. The Sea Bream is not a popular fish, but the way they cook it, you just want to order it again and again. And with childhood nightmares of being force fed bitter rhubarb, a Rhubarb dish is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it!. But don't let this Fool fool you – it is incredible.


Between us all we had everything on the set menu plus a few extra dishes from the a la carte menu. And everyone loved all the dishes immensely.


The restaurant itself has a relaxed, contemporary feel to it, with friendly service, which made the evening perfect.


They change the set menu regularly so you can keep going back and trying new and exciting dishes.


We highly recommend this restaurant, in fact we liked it so much that we are going to put it in our Top 10 favourite Michelin star restaurants in London.


So do rush down there and take advantage while they have got this great offer on.


We will definitely be going back there again soon. And we give this a good 9/10.

Kitchen W8

11-13 Abingdon Road,
London W8 6AH

Tel: 020 7937 0120