Once upon a time many years ago, Sanderson's Long Bar was the place to be seen, it was a very cool and trendy place, set in this luxuriously quirky styled hotel.


Nowadays the trendy crowd have moved on to new pastures. So to fill the bar and 2 restaurants Sanderson's have put on some great special offers to attract new customers.


The place looks great and is a luxuriously comfortable place to be, and their food is pretty good for the price. It is not Michelin star or anywhere near that level but they can certainly do a decent meal. So if you want somewhere cool and trendy to go to and would like a bite to eat then grab one of their special offers and you should have a lovely evening out. They also do very nice Pina Colada Cocktails.


Sanderson's also have a large central outdoor atrium restaurant which is nice in the summer. (In the winter they do have the exterior heaters).


We cant really compare this alongside the Michelin Star restaurants but we would definitely give this a very good 6.5/10.

Sanderson Hotel

50 Berners Street
London, W1T 3NG
44 0 20 7300 1400