The Lecture Room is definitely one you should try. They go out of their way to impress. As you walk up the stairs to the entrance, the doors of the restaurant are closed but then in a very theatrical style the maitre'd will throw open the doors to reveal this outstandingly lavish dining room. The décor is really impressive and way out there in a flamboyant way and we love it.!! This is a night to dress up to the nines and revel in the evenings luxurious atmosphere.


There are lots of courses on the tasting menu and all are very good. But the very weird thing is that we were given 6 desserts on the tasting menu but there weren't any out of the 6 desserts that we actually liked !! The flavour combinations were unusual, but just didn't seem to work. How can you go so wrong with desserts??? However all of the other many courses for the starters and mains were exceedingly good, we decided to overlook the desserts, and we were actually too full by then to eat them anyway!


The restaurants décor is outlandish, and the place is great for a special evening, the food is excellent and the waiters are incredibly attentive. This is the reason that we put The Lecture Room in our Top 5 best Michelin restaurants in London. Our score is a very good 8.5/10

The Lecture Room at Sketch
9 Conduit Street,




Tel: 020 7659 4500