Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs

All of you that come to our group know that this is our favourite restaurant in London. We believe that James Knappett is a true culinary GENIUS. And he is leagues above all the other chefs.

The evening at Kitchen Table is a gastronomical delight, and one not to be missed. Set at the back of Bubbledogs hotdog & champagne restaurant, you go through a curtain to reveal a horseshoe style Chefs table. James Knappett and usually about 6-8 other chefs cook in front of 19 diners. The dining experience takes about 3 hours and each minute is a culinary delight.

James Knappett somehow manages to dream up new and creative dishes and pretty much changes the menu daily, taking special advantage of their own grown or foraged seasonal ingredients.

The evening generally consists of about 15 courses, (always do take up the extra special courses, as they are always good). As food is a very personal experience, there maybe one or two dishes out of the 15 that are not to your own specific taste, like the balsamic ice-cream, it is really a Marmite, you either love it or hate it - and for us this is one of our favourites. We usually end up eating more courses than 15, as we usually have extra balsamic ice cream from our guests who were not that keen on it. There will also be probably four or five dishes where you feel like you have reached food Nirvana! And then another seven dishes that will just simply blow you away.

Google James Knappett and you will see he has the most impressive CV and has worked with all the best. Including working at Noma

in Copenhagen, where we believe he met his lovely wife Sandia Chang. Sandia is also a trained sommelier and is responsible for the impressive wine list they have to offer, and she specialises in Champagne.

James and Sandia are the most loveliest people, which just adds to the evenings experience, being able to have a friendly chat to a really down to earth Michelin couple, who have the greatest passion for food.

The basic evening will cost you about £100 including service charge, plus any other food or drink you may have, and it is worth every penny.

If you are on a set budget then just book this restaurant and forget all the rest! But do book in advance as it is now becoming more difficult to get a table.

The next time we go back to this restaurant we will do a more in depth review on the food itself, as we haven't been there since we started food blogging. But the truffle pasta, pictured in the middle, is undoubtedly a special moment !

Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs
Address: 70 Charlotte St, London W1T 4QQ