Theo Randall at the Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane


We visited Theo Randall at the Intercontinental Hotel in Park Lane, London, on the 18th October 2016


After walking through one of the most prestigious hotels in London, The Intercontinental, we were led to tour table inside Theo Randall's and we were immediately disappointed to find a wooden table & chairs “garden canteen” feel restaurant. After spending hours getting dressed up for our evening at a fine dining 5 star Michelin restaurant in Park Lane, we were amazed to find that this was not a jaw dropping elegant dining room, but much more of a 'casual style' place. They don’t even have white table cloths. This may be a latest trend amongst restaurants to be casual, but in a 5 star hotel we were really hoping to make it a special occasion, rather than a casual affair.


However, after our initial shock, the evening rapidly improved. The service was outstandingly excellent. And it was very nice to see that Theo Randall was actually in the kitchen and he popped out a couple of times to speak to a few guests.


We were given the choice of 3 menus a standard menu, a vegetarian option and even a vegan option, which is rare unless you have asked for this.


The food was in our opinion very traditional food and done very well.


Two types of bread were brought to the table, one a bruschetta style and the other a focaccia.


For the Antipasti course, we first had the Smoked Eel with red and golden beetroots, Italian leaves and fresh horseradish, which was an excellent choice.


Then we had the following Primi dishes:


The mushroom risotto, with portobello and porcini mushrooms, which in my opinion was one of the best risottos I have had.


We also had the seafood risotto with clams, mussels, sea bass, salmon, prawns, squid, tomatoes, chilli and parsley, which was of some debate. One of my guests thought it was too rich and oily without enough chilli. Where as my other guest said it was very nice with just the perfect amount of fish.


The tempura style, deep fried zucchini, aubergine, artichoke and Jerusalem artichoke was visually great and it was described as a nice dish.


The minestrone soup was very thick and full of borlotti beans.


But I think the best review was for the Pasta with slow cooked beef in Chianti and San Marzano tomatoes as “loved it, loved it, loved it” dish!!


For the Secondi course we had the Wood Roasted Guinea Fowl stuffed with prosciutto thyme lemon zest, marscapone and portobello and porcini mushrooms, on a bed of spinach and really was very nice. And the portion was huge, so much so that everyone took a doggy bag home with them!

The Roasted sea bream with fennel, Roseval potatoes, datternini tomatoes, capers and olives, the tomatoes were delicious but we found the fish to be slightly fishy if that makes sense.
The Zucchine fritte weren't my favourite to be honest.


Desserts are were we felt that Theo Randall really came into strength. The Amalfi lemon tart was really zesty and tart and absolutely perfect for any true lemon dessert lovers.


The soft chocolate cake with crema di mascarpone was a chocoholics delight – it was a blend of extremely thick and gooey, but also light and very very rich.


Overall we had a very nice evening, it was great to finally try Theo Randalls delicious cooking. And above all this offer through Open Table for £35 plus service for 3 very filling courses and a glass of prosecco, is incredible. You really have to take up his amazing deal.






Theo Randall at The Intercontinental Hotel,
Park Lane, 1 Hamilton Place, London W1J 7QY

Tel: 020 7318 8747