We are not going to write a long review on this restaurant. It is the latest trendy restaurant in Shepherds Market in Mayfair. It is reported that none other than Kim Kardashian herself flies to their French branch based in Paris, which is widely believed to have the best cheeseburger in all of Paris. She announced that it is “one of her favourite restaurants”.


The restaurant is very small and cramped as they have fitted in as many tables as possible, so no privacy if you want a private conversation! In fact the woman on the table next to me accidentally flicked her French frie and it landed on my plate !!

The décor is old wooden tables with wood panelled walls and an eclectic mix of toys scattered around the place, like old teddy bears, little toy soldiers, tin cars and dolls. As you can see from the photo they have a great light in the bathroom.


We ordered one of their reputed cheeseburger and one of their mac and cheese, with some side orders of fries and a few non alcoholic drinks.


Generally we eat at Michelin star restaurants but occasionally we are partial to a devilish burger and we must say, as burgers go this was a fine burger and the mac and cheese was the best we had had, (although we are not mac and cheese connoisseurs!)



With the dessert of Churros with Nutella and a few coffees the bill came to approx £85 for the two of us. So we felt even though it was a lovely burger, for that price we would much rather have a gourmet Michelin meal (and then satisfy our burger temptations with good ol' Maccy D !!). Lets face it who really wants to spend £85 on a burger !!!

Ferdi Restaurant

30 Shepherd Market,

Tel: 07375 538309 - By the way you can only book by TEXT !!