Celeste in the Lanesborough Hotel

Although we have been here once before, we always recommend going to a restaurant for a second time, as quite often the experience is not quite as good the second time around. And when we previously went to Celeste it did not have its Michelin Star, but now it has been deservedly awarded one.

This restaurant must be one of the most understated, unrecognised restaurants in London. And is one of London's best kept secrets.......

Firstly as you can see the restaurant itself is exquisite. The decor is loosely based on a Grecian style and you feel you are sitting in a powder blue Wedgewood teapot! Complete with chandeliers, this large restaurant makes you feel very grand and located inside one of the best hotels in London, the Lanesborough, this definitely makes for an evening of dressing up to the nines.

The service is impeccable. You would definitely impress anyone you took there with there contemporary fine dining.

We went on a Bookatable Special Offer and for around £40 per person we were served incredibly tasty Amuse Bouche pictured above, 3 Courses and a Glass of Bubbles. This was an incredible deal for such a high end restaurant and exquisite food.

The Menu


Pumpkin Soup - which was served at the table with a glass dome, to match the restaurants ceilin,g and then the soup was poured into the bowl.

Egg - organic egg confit and red wine sauce

Leeks - grilled Leeks Terrine, scallion and lemons vinigrette, oyster tartare


Celeriac - with crushed black truffle, comte Cheese and mushroom emulsion

Chicken - and giblets, stuffed cabbage, celeriac puree and roasting jus

Salmon - smoked with juniper wood, lentil stew

Chocolate - caramalized cashew nut praline, guanaja chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream

Cheese Selection

Coffee - Colombian roasted coffee Ice cream, caramelized pecan meringues and fudge - the best coffee ice-cream we have ever tasted

Celeste at the Lanesbourough Hotel
Hyde Park Corner,

Tel:  +44 (0) 20 7259 5599

Email: celeste@lanesborough.com


We give this restaurant a 10 out of 10, our highest score - its Fabulous - Dont miss it!!